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The Original Swandle is back - now with a rubber handle!

After hundreds of email requests, a little road trip, and a new printhouse/storefront, we have decided to bring the Swandle back with it's orignal body and build. After a little trial and error with body design, we decided to not mess with success. The Swandle now comes with an attached rubber grip handle (pictures #4) and a little bit of branding. Currently limited on inventory.


Test Footage by R.B. Umali: HERE

Test Video by Ray Echevers: HERE

Review on RE-1000: HERE


-Modified it to allow use to the hot-shoe above which can fit the majority of on-camera lights and microphones. The handle is now set back an inch and a half, allowing more control and a better weighted unit. We also gave more room on the side to ensure the camera will not scratch on the edge of the supports. Once screwed in, the camera sits very sturdy and evenly weighted on each side. Made out of a lightweight steel, this is a rugged, high performance piece of metal that can take some serious abuse.

*Swandles - A camera accessory from the mind of videographer Chris Fiftal, designed and built by the rugged blacksmith hands of Nick Swanson. By skateboarders, for skateboard videographers.

*Swandles are designed specifically as a sturdy, universally fit camera handle that can attach to almost any camera (mini DV or HDSLR) for a far more affordable cost than our competitors. Each handle is hand built by Nick Swanson out of light-weight steel, and drilled for a camera to lay flush on it's supports. Each Swandle comes with a 1/4 inch, 20-thread count screw that will fit any universal, tripod mounted camera base. These things are STURDY.

*What separates the Swandle from it's competitors is the fact that the support arm is built to go around the side of the camera (specifically for HD-DSLR cameras) so that you can easily access and view the LCD and controls of the camera, without any obstructions. This is ideal for skateboard videographers who are using HD-DSLR's with fisheye lenses. The handle is set back 1 1/2 inch to allow use of the hot-shoe attachment for on-camera lights and microphone usage.

*Color/texture of rubber grip handle can vary - guaranteed Black, Grey, or Black/Grey. No requests please.

*Please allow 1-2 week times for processing

*Swandles - patents pending

*Camera not included

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